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Bar Code Printing

Bar Code printing on your laser printer is more cost-effective than using an expensive, specialized printer.

BC3 Bar Code and Scalable Bar Codes are available on any of our printer memory storage solutions .

BC3 Bar Codes
Printing with BC3 Bar Codes and your own laser printer is the simple way to prepare merchandise, packaging and mail for scanners. Track inventory and shipping information with this easy-to-use printing solution. BC3 Bar Codes offer these benefits:

  • Bar Code 3 of 9, the most popular and easiest to use bar code printing set
  • EAN/UPS 10 Mils and EAN/UPS 13 Mils, the UPC fonts for domestic and international retail point-of-sale use
  • Six labeling fonts including PostNet (US ZIP), the US Postal Service Zip Code Bar Code font for reading zip codes in bulk mailings
  • Code 128
  • OCR-A and OCR-B
  • MICR fonts for check writing
  • Equivalent to HP's C06 Bar Codes & More
Scalable Bar Codes
Scalable Bar Code fonts allow you to create bar codes in any size you need. Pull and stretch them to meet the exact requirements of your application. Scalable Bar Codes include Bar Code 3 of 9, OCR-A and Line Printer. They are available in cartridge, SIMM, DIMM or VersaPort formats.