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Check Stock Compatible with Versa Check Software

Why buy overpriced VersaChecks from G7 Productivity when you can save 50%.

Our UltraSecure paper is very competitively priced and loaded with security features. You won't find a better value in check paper out there. We offer very aggressive quantity discounts. Once you add the check paper to your shopping cart, you will have the option to calculate shipping. We charge actual Fedex shipping charges, no additional markup and no handling fees.
VersaCheck Activation Codes: Our checks and toner cartridges do not include any activation codes. Codes may be purchased from VersaCheck.
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VersaCheck 1000 Replacement Checks VersaCheck 3000 Business Replacement Checks
Perforations: 2 - 3 1/2" Check, 3 1/2" Stub, 4" Stub
Available in Blue and Green.
Perforations: 3 - 3 1/2" Check, 3 1/2" Check, 3 1/2" Check, 1/2" Stub
Available in Blue-Green Fade and Blue-Burgundy Fade.
VersaCheck 1001 Replacement Checks VersaCheck 1002 Replacement Checks
Perforations: 2 - 3 1/2" Stub, 3 1/2" Check, 4" Stub
Available in Blue and Green.
Perforations: 2 - 4" Stub, 3 1/2" Stub, 3 1/2" Check
Available in Blue and Green.

VersaCheck Check Stock

Security features are one of the most important elements when purchasing check stock. We carry bottom black check stock, top check stock, Versacheck replacements and middle check paper in a variety of colors. Depending on your selection of perforations, choose from blue, burgundy, green or tan.

Our check stock security features will help protect you from fraud and prevent illegal activities like toner removal, photocopying and alteration. Here are some of the ways you are protected through our UltraSecure check paper:

  • Chemically Reactive Check Paper - When the paper is tampered with using chlorine based eradicator, a brown stain appears.
  • Check 21 Image Ready – The data on each check takes up space and is readable when banks store checks electronically. Our passive inks that use a neutral finish allow for a small image. This also makes the check readable but secure.

  • Black Light Fibers - Invisible fluorescent fibers appear only under a black light. “VOID” in Pantograph - If copied, the word “VOID” will repeatedly appear on the check’s background.

  • Border Microprinting – Microprinting along the border of the paper makes check paper stock hard to copy because the words look like a line to the naked eye.

  • Erasure Protection - The color pantograph becomes white when erased.

  • Obvious Warning Label – Large warning band at the top of the document details some of the security features.

Download Check Paper Security Features PDF

Our blank check stock is loaded with security features and is perfect for payroll, accounts payable and more. Our check stock is compatible with Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting, ACCPAC, BlackBaud, Great Plains and much more.